Aotwa Is a professional manufacture of air-conditioning heat exchanger, which supplies high performance of types of heat exchanger, condensers units outdoors, fan coils and so on for air conditioner producers. And the same time ,our company offers the installation and maintenance of central air conditioning systems.

  As the development of our company and the market enlarging, we have set up the production and operation sub-factory in Guangzhou in 2005, mainly product air conditionersrefrigeration heat exchangers, and relying on years' experiences, she has started the designing, processing of the copper tubes and accessories for air conditioners. Our company has built up the sub-branches in Huabei, Huazhong, Northeast and Norwest areas and operation offices in U.S.A, Canada, Korea, India 、Spain and so on.
Relying on our advanced technology, mature technique, perfect equipment, strict quality and process control, we provide high performance, quality reliable products to customers. We have the quality certificate,American safety UL certificate.

  We have lots of the first-class level technicians related to the refrigeration, heating, automatic and machinery and they are the resource of the development of our company. We persist in the development concept of innovation, regards the exploitation and the combination of theory and experiences, which establishes steady base of credible and mighty service support for the air conditioner producers. The process operation staffs are trained strictly and checked to ensure the products quality stable. We follow the operation ideas of " talent basis" and afford staffs chances to improve themselves to meet the requirement of company development.

  With years' development, we have won the customers' trust with its excellent performance and quality service. The products have been adopted and used by many air conditioner produces from China and abroad. We have strength and confident to exploit more capacious market space.

  We are faithful partner with the air conditioner producers and will endeavors to figure, upgrade and solidify our brand ceaselessly.


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